Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's now a waiting game....

Very smart move on the fishers part and hopefully it will pay dividends at the end. When you're dealing with a commodity like fish and potatoes you sometimes have to do this especially when you can't receive your cost of production. It appears the potato farmers are catching on to this and hopefully it works for both industries as it's always great to see our farmers and fishers with money in their pockets for a change. Best of luck guys...
Tuna fishery shuts down until October
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
CBC News
P.E.I.'s tuna fishermen have voted to voluntarily shut the season down until Oct. 6.
The season opened in late July and catches were high, but prices were low, and fishermen have been off the water voluntarily a couple of times since then waiting for them to rebound. On Monday, they decided to wait until fall to reopen.
Last year tuna fishermen also closed down to wait out low prices, but when they went back on the water in mid-September, the tuna had eaten too much herring, which turned the flesh off-colour and lowered its appeal to buyers, driving prices back down. The fishermen are hoping this year's Oct. 6 reopening will come after the tuna have indulged in a more varied diet.
The later opening is risky, because it is more probable that bad weather could keep boats off the water. On the plus side, the fish will be bigger, and it is expected the remaining quota will be caught quickly.

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