Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Likely A Passion For The Senate....

This is really funny... maybe it'll be a good run up for a Senate seat should Harper get elected and call for Senate elections? Poor Keith's been trying for years to make his way to the Senate but he continues to back the wrong horses. He was on the wrong side of Chr├ętien and he worked the Kennedy camp, so if Dion should get elected I'd be surprised if they would even take his calls. It's too bad young Henderson wouldn't take a run at Egmont as he would surely be able to win... I'm smelling burnt toast here..
Milligan back in Liberal race
The Guardian
Keith Milligan has once again thrown his name into the hat for the Liberal candidacy in Egmont. He announced officially Wednesday he will seek the nomination when the meeting for nominees is scheduled. The nomination was made necessary when Robert Morrissey, who won the Liberal candidacy last fall, announced he was stepping aside. Milligan, who lost to Morrissey in last fall’s closely fought nomination battle, said he was as shocked as the rest of the Island by Morrissey’s surprise resignation as the Liberal candidate in Egmont. “I went away and started another career, if you will, and didn’t think this opportunity was going to come around again,” he said. “So when (Morrissey) made this announcement I got a tremendous amount of calls and also I’ve made a lot of calls and arrived at this decision.” Milligan said he has carefully considered the decision and has talked extensively with Morrissey about why he chose to leave the race. Morrissey told Milligan his desire to continue in politics had dissipated and he felt he either had to keep running on empty or leave while there was still time for someone else to build a proper campaign. “He told me that when he got out on the campaign trail, the fire just wasn’t there,” Milligan told The Guardian. But he says he hasn’t lost his own fire. “It’s still burning quite brightly. I’ve always had a passion for politics and it’s still with me.” Milligan admitted he has a lot of campaigning to catch up on, should he win the nomination. Gail Shea, the Conservative candidate for the riding, has been going door-to-door for months already. “Gail’s been out and she’s been working and I appreciate that,” he said. “But I’m always pretty confident about what can be accomplished if you work hard.” He said he’ll be focusing on the issues for the area, rather than getting into a finger-pointing, political name-calling game. Prince County’s stagnant economy, fisheries and agriculture are areas of great concern to him. It’s still unknown when the new nomination convention will be called, but Milligan said he is preparing for an election as soon as this fall. The Guardian’s numerous phone calls to Egmont Riding Association president Andrew Campbell went unreturned. But Milligan said he believes the riding is nailing dates down this week and will make an announcement Friday.

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