Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe Someday.... soon hopefully....

About six weeks ago the City showed up with a crew to do some work in front of our new building and proceeded to dump some topsoil in front of our property... it's been sitting there for over 5 weeks and they soon won't have to seed it as there is grass starting to grow on the piles of dirt.... I'm sure they have some great excuses but it certainly wasn't the weather as last week would have been a perfect opportunity to finish the work... I even mentioned it to the Mayor and I also followed up with Paul Johnston over a week ago but still nothing has happened... I even asked in my email to at least give us a timetable... I guess we don't pay enough taxes.... "maybe someday" soon we can have an election and get someone new into office that can manage our City.... UPDATE: Thurs. July 2nd...Thanks to Paul Johnston and the City we had work crews here early this morning fixing up the area...

From: Tim Banks
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 3:42 PM
To: pjohnston@city.charlottetown.pe.ca
Cc: Cecil Villard (cfvillard@gov.pe.ca); Don Poole (dpoole@city.charlottetown.pe.ca)
Subject: Unfinished Work At 3 Lower Malpeque Road


About three weeks ago there was a bunch of fill and topsoil dropped off in front of our new building by the City that seems to be unfinished or abandon. We are trying to run a number of businesses out of this location that we like to present to our customers as neat and professional. Could you please see that whatever work you are doing there is finished in the near future and give us a timetable for the completion.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.


Tim Banks CEO • APM
APM Place, 3 Lower Malpeque Rd

Charlottetown, PE, Canada
C1E 1R4

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