Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations Diane, Doug and Linda....

I felt bad today that I couldn't attend this event as I would have liked to have been there to personally thank Diane Griffin, Doug Deacon and NCC's Regional VP Linda Stephenson of the Nature Conservancy of Canada for their tireless work of driving forward building a bigger blueprint for Conservation here on PEI. Both Diane and Doug along with others were heavily involved in the "Greenwich" file when they were with Island Nature Trust and were responsible for saving what is now part of our National Park. I understand Hon. Gail Shea was there on behalf of the Federal Government and Sonny Gallant MLA for the area was representing the Province, both of whom have been excellent partners of NCC (thanks)... congratulations everyone involved for all your support...
Nature Conservancy protects P.E.I. salt water marsh
The Guardian
The Nature Conservancy of Canada announced Thursday that a precious wetland along P.E.I.’s Northumberland Strait is saved for the enjoyment of future generations. The 31-acre (12.5 hectare) property at Abram-Village contains an almost pristine salt marsh. Despite being an island, the P.E.I. coastline has relatively few salt marshes, making the Abram-Village marsh a crucial area for protection. By protecting the land from development, this pristine habitat will continue to serve as an important refuge for migratory birds, thus, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of waterfowl populations in Prince Edward Island and throughout the Atlantic Flyway. NCC’s partners for this land acquisition at Abram-Village include the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture, Government of Canada and various individuals. This announcement is part of NCC's eighth annual Gifts to Canadians celebration. In the lead-up to Canada Day, events will be held from coast to coast to celebrate this lasting natural legacy for all Canadians. Together the 10 gifts to Canadians total just over 556 square kilometres — that’s an area slightly bigger than the Island of Montreal. This important land acquisition was achieved with the help of concerned individuals, corporations, foundations and conservation organizations. This unique public-private partnership helps non-profit non-government organizations secure ecologically sensitive lands to ensure the protection of our country’s diverse ecosystems, wildlife and habitat. Land surrounding this property is owned mostly by the government of Prince Edward Island. In the early 1990s, the Abram-Village area was designated a priority area for conservation by the P.E.I. Eastern Habitat Joint Venture and the provincial government. In the shallow waters of the estuary, birds such as the Great Blue Heron, Greater Yellowlegs, Common Tern, Semipalmated Plover, Black-bellied Plover, and Belted Kingfisher feed. In the salt marsh, the Black Duck, Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow, Spotted Sandpiper, and the Belted Kingfisher are often spotted feeding. NCC's work in Prince Edward Island is made possible by the support of APM Group, Amalgamated Dairies, Maritime Electric, PEI Mutual Insurance Company, Rodd Hotels and many individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tim! So much of what we are able to accomplish in Prince Edward Island is due to your personal generosity and your ongoing efforts to bring others into the Nature Conservancy of Canada family!

Linda M. Stephenson
Regional Vice President, Atlantic Canada
Nature Conservancy of Canada