Sunday, June 7, 2009

"an, equal, level, playing field..." in Charlottetown!!!

"PLEASE" someone give me a "clue" where this guy comes up with these ideas... I could write a book on reasonable changes to the City Bylaws and the very last change would be "sidewalk cafes thoughout the municipality"... although one would be nice in front of Charlottetown Bottle and Metal on MacAleer Drive...
Charlottetown councillor looking for more street cafes
Thursday, June 4, 2009
CBC News
Coun. Mitch Tweel is setting the goal of marketing Charlottetown as a café mecca for Atlantic Canada.
Tweel wants changes made to a city bylaw that would allow sidewalk cafés throughout the municipality.
There are a number of sidewalk cafes along Victoria Row, behind Confederation Centre, a street that is closed to traffic in the summer months. Restaurants not on that street must apply to council for special permission if they want a sidewalk patio.
Tweel believes the street vendors bylaw should be rewritten to let everyone have the same opportunity.
"I don't believe that, you know, one part of the city should be able to experience the economic and social and cultural benefits for tourism at the expense of other parts of the city," he said.
"I think it should be an equal, level, playing field and that's why I'm proposing that we expand the boundaries and the borders. I mean let's take down these superficial boundaries and borders and let the entire city flourish with these outdoor cafés."
Tweel is lobbying the city's planning department. He believes an increase in outdoor cafés would be a huge tourism boost for the city.


Anonymous said...

Tim..I couldn't agree more with you. taweel has to be off his mdeication or something to suggest MORE sidewalk cafes.

Just what we need lets get rid of more parkings spaces. Let's make it tougher for people to park in Downtown Charlottetown. Better yet taweel why don;t set up abus service and make everyone leave their cars at the outskirts of the city and make cars illegal in downtown Charlottetown.

I have to wonder whether this guy doesn't have some Master plan to kill the downtown of the city.

I wonder how his own sister or brother who has businesses on University Avenue would feel if taweel outlaws cars in the Downtown Core.

Better yet Taweel why not shutdown the Avenue to all cars and make it just a walking street.

We could have all the shops and cafes he wanted on one street. But wait doesn't Taweel' Sister and Brother both have stores on the Avenue.

Taweel needs to mayb`e start thinking before he speaks. I would guess Tim that this was nothing more than attempt to get press. Taweel is much like Wayne Easter he has never seen a microphone or Press Release he didn't want to comment into or on.

Taweel is nothing but news hog he didn't like the Good Press that Lantz was getting so he neded to get himself out there as well.

Taweel just needs to learn that NOT all Press is GOOD press.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea. I also like the previous commentator's idea of shutting down the city to cars. People would learn that they can actually walk.