Sunday, November 23, 2008

Come Clean With The Scheme....

The bottom line is the Tourism Department blew it when they wouldn't work out a concert deal with David Carver (an experienced concert promoter) last summer so The Girls decided to do it "themselves".... so they get on the phone and they start calling David's "A" list only to be ignored... so they cook up a scheme to get into the business themselves using taxpayer's money. On Aug. 15th The Guardian has the story that "Summerset Music Festival" is the promoter behind the Alanis Morissette Outdoor Concert to be held on Sept. 13th but the funny thing is if you check this Company out it wasn't even registered as a Corporation until Oct. 15, 2008 and when you look closer it is owned by a numbered Company 101227 P.E.I. Inc. which was incorporated on Sept. 24, 2008 both of which were incorporated well after the concert took place. If you dig into the PEI Corporate Registry there was a former "Summerset Music Festival Inc." that had its name changed to "Outside Music Festival Inc." and it became a non profit corporation on Aug. 6, 2008. The exact same directors have been operating a successful events company Conference & Events Management Inc. since April of 2004 and it begs the question why didn't the Tourism Department write the concert loan in this Company name. Surely Tourism didn't think the directors were doing this concert out of the goodness of their heart so why the "non profit newco" or did the concert promoters already know back on August 6th that it was going to be a "flop" at the expense of us taxpayers... the more I dig into this the more I believe Valerie wasn't driving the bus and I'm damn sure it wasn't the Premier Office as Treasury Board didn't even see it.... I'm like a dog with a bone and if someone doesn't challenge the administration of Tourism the next thing they'll be trying to buy Rodd's (don't think they haven't thought of that) and give away free room stays so they could pat themselves on the back for upping the occupancy…. Valarie said her Deputy knew that the promoters wanted to cancel the Concert the week before but the question is what did she know from the start.......come clean with the scheme...


Anonymous said...

Tim...You should name who the Principles of the comapnies were? You know one of them was connected directly to Ghiz himself.
This whole fiasco isn't all just Docherty. While she and her mindless deputy( who teaches Business at UPEI..any wonder why Business Grads from UPEI are working at McDonalds) want us to believe it was just them. I am not even sure they could be this dense.
There was definetly favours done for one of the prindciples in that company and I am sure you know it Tim.

Anonymous said...

Certainly seems funny that not even YOU will name the directors. Everyone wants to know who they are? Strange that even the papers won't say who they are?

they must be pretty powerful to be able to silence everyone in this way

Anonymous said...

Tim buddy, you have it bang on the money.

Friends get ahead on PEI.

Talking like a bunch of chatty teen girls in the washroom the clique is playing any game they can to play concert promoter.

Tourism Charlottetown seems to get any handout they ask for.

Events Inc. (real easy to find at didn't do too bad getting 400,000.

Both do sideshow work.

Dave Carver delivers two consecutive shows that make the province a bundle and they treat him like dirt and call him names behind his back.

Wake the hell up Ghiz.

Anonymous said...

So what is the story of the extra $200 Grand that was given directly to the Creditors?

Just how much in the end did this 3000 person event cost US..The Taxpayers.

This is getting as murky as the Immigrant Investor Fund.

First it was $100 Grand, Than $300 Grand now there is this talk of another $200 Grand.

Just how much did this event cost?

When does the Ghiz Government start being honest with islanders?

Anonymous said...

Remind me again why 'Springsteen in Summerside' was a bad idea??

Anonymous said...

There is a desparate need for a shake up in the Ghiz government. We have a tourism minister who obviously doesn't realize that the $300,000 lost is taxpapers money since she made the dumb statement that her department would cover it so it would not be a cost to the taxpayers. Duh! It seems like Docherty and her deputy minister are doing as they please with our dollars and feel the are above running these schemes by the treasury board and what's even worse it appears to be business as usual. And who ever heard of the deupty of tourism before she landed that job? Don't recall seeing her at Liberal functions. Apparently in order to be a deputy in this government you either have to be a Conservative or an invisible Liberal supporter - the ones you never see but they get the jobs because of the buddy system. For her it is a great way to get her Masters paid for with on-the-job training.
Next we have a Minister of Agriculture who is happy to let his deputy minister, a known Tory, run the department and was heard bragging that he (the deputy) gets no guidance from the minister so he pretty well does as he pleases. Then, there's the Dept. of Envoirnment and who is leading the way there...two of the biggest Tory appointees in the history of Island politics. I like to call them the MacQuarrie twins and they are great buddies of Jamie Ballem. Minister Webster has no confidence in himself so he lets the twins lead him around by the nose fearful that should he have a single solitary origional thought of his own they might not agree with it. Minister of Education is a lark. Enough said there. As for the department of Innovation and Technology it is just a matter of time before it implodes thanks to Richard " No one is getting ripped off here" Brown. The man is a loose cannon and an embarrassment to all Islanders. Does anyone wonder why he accompanied the premier to China? Think about it. If he was left on PEI he would be the acting Premier ...oh my nerves.
The biggest problem with the Ghiz government at the moment is that all the departments are still being run by the former Tory appointees which is a slap in the face to Liberals who are every bit as qualified and more so in many cases. These deputy positions are pleasure appointments and I can guarantee you that once the Tories regain power in two years time, there won't be a Liberal left standing in any government job on PEI. Case and point...within two days of being elected Gail Shea had a job for Phillip Brown, her poll captain and several others. Liberals have never looked after the grass root supporters, just the chosen few.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals have never looked after the grass root supporters, just the chosen few."

and now you know the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

Directors names are public information.