Sunday, November 30, 2008

Put Down The Phones....please

The bottom line is that a number of polling agencies have over 69% of Canadians agreeing that hand-held cell phones should be banned so why not give it a try... I near got clipped the other day by a young driver who went through a stop sign while talking on her phone and I've noticed myself doing foolish things like that in the past as well... I do a lot of business travelling in Nova Scotia where they have enforced this rule so I now carry a "Bluetooth" device in my briefcase and I can honestly say that it's a lot safer driving with two hands on the wheel as opposed to one... Mr. Premier, you didn't listen to the Sunday Shopping Committee's recommendation so why not do the same here and overrule this Committee's report and enforce this reasonable change in the law.... Ronnie has the legislation ready so put down the phones....
Dialing and driving to remain legal on P.E.I.
Friday, November 28, 2008
CBC News
A legislative committee on Prince Edward Island has decided not to recommend the province ban hand-held cellphones while driving.
The committee held public hearings over the past several months to consider such a ban.
A report tabled in the P.E.I. legislature Friday by committee chair Janice Sherry said there wasn't enough information to recommend an outright ban. The report said the province should study the issue further over the next year, and look at what other jurisdictions are doing.
It also recommended that the province educate Islanders about the dangers of using a cellphone while driving.

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