Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm batting 0 in 2 with the Liberals...

It's kind of disappointing for those who took their time to make a formal presentation to the Legislative Committee to find out that the Government of the day did not accept their own Committee's recommendation. This would have been the second time in my life that I had ever felt compelled enough to go before a Legislative Committee. The first was back when Liberal Jeannie Lea chaired the Red Tape Review and I spent a lot of time on my presentation with a special emphasis on reviewing IRAC. There were a lot of people who came forward at that hearing with many complaints about Government Red Tape but the net results was nothing happened so the next election the Liberals were booted out. This time around I showed up again with a host of reasons why I felt we should allow the retailer to decide whether or not they wanted to open and that was generally the feeling from most of the retail operators, short of a few convenience store operators. You would think in this economy that the Province would want to keep the stores open for the extra employment and the opportunity to pick up more tax revenue from our tourist visitors. Don’t be surprised if the Big Box retailers end up going to court and sending the Province a clear message that they can stay open as was the case in Nova Scotia….
P.E.I. shops to remain closed on winter Sundays
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
CBC News
Despite a recommendation from a legislative committee, stores on P.E.I. will remain closed on Sundays from Christmas to Victoria Day.
The decision comes as the province reaches the end of its second season of Sunday shopping. In April, a legislative committee completed a review of the current legislation, hearing 36 presentations and receiving more than 100 written submissions.
That committee recommended an end to restrictions on Sunday shopping.
But Premier Robert Ghiz announced Wednesday there would be no change. Shops will be closed on Dec. 28, and will not open on another Sunday until the Victoria Day weekend.
The decision leaves P.E.I. as the only jurisdiction in the country to restrict Sunday shopping.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the period of January to May on PEI would probably not yield much in the way of additional revenue or jobs if the tourist argument is used (I don't know what the tourist numbers are on a monthly basis, but I can't imagine there would be too many other than possibly snowmobilers and maybe a few people that might go to Jack Frost.

Anonymous said...

The government has no business to be in the shopping carts of Islanders. Let the shoppers decide if they want Sunday shopping. If they are against it, they won't shop. If the majority of Islanders do not want Sunday Shopping then they will stay away and the retailers can decide whether or not they want to open their doors on Sunday noon.
I cringe to think how much money it cost to hold the committee hearings only to have the recommendation made by that committe overturned by the Premier because he could. I'm afraid my premier is starting to act a wee bit like Stephen Harper.
However, having said all the above, I agree with Mark. Downtown is pretty dead the best of times but pathetically so between January and May. But of course, the new hotel with valet parking that is coming to Queen Street will have the locals flooding to town.