Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you say "Bankruptcy".... I say "No Rae Me"...

Here's how someone from Ontario reacted to this story.."What the ? from Ontario writes: I thought the headline said Rae declares bankruptcy. We will all be doing that if he does to Canada what he did to Ontario." It appears the writer has a point when you look at the state of affairs in Ontario during Rae's reign as NDP Premier... I find it hard to believe that Liberals would take him seriously but then again what do I know... but I've got money that Canadians will never elect him PM... and surely Liberals can figure that out.....
Rae declares candidacy for Liberal leadership
OTTAWA — Bob Rae has formally declared his candidacy for the leadership of the federal Liberal party. The former NDP premier of Ontario, who won a Toronto seat in a byelection last March and was re-elected last month, says he has the “judgment, character values and experience” to lead the country. Two others are in the race — Dominic LeBlanc and Rae’s longtime friend Michael Ignatieff. Ignatieff is considered the frontrunner going into the leadership convention in Vancouver next May; polls indicate Rae is having trouble shaking the legacy of his deficit-ridden government on the 1990s. Rae says he’s proud of his performance as Ontario premier, when he faced large deficits and labour unrest, and he says he’s learned from it and won’t try to hide it. Rae and Ignatieff were locked in a tight leadership race in 2006 before Stephane Dion came up the middle and won a surprise victory.

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