Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Unite or Divide"... Well Said Premier Ghiz

Contrary to popular belief I don't really like kicking someone when they'll already down so I'm not going to say anything about “Olive's desperation” campaign...   But I will say that the Premier's approach in sticking with the positive will resonate much better with voters than Olive’s pitting rural Islanders against urban Islanders... 

If Olive has achieved anything with her negative campaign then I'd say her success has been in "firing-up" the workers in the Big Red Machine and I smell a huge "backfire" there Olive...

Liberals will rise above Tory slander: Ghiz

The Guardian
Published on September 16, 2011
Ryan Ross
MONTAGUE – The PC party will do anything to win the election, says Premier Robert Ghiz.

Ghiz was referring to reports of an investigation into the provincial nominee program and said the Conservatives will do or say anything to score political points.

“Well let me tell fellow Liberals and fellow Islanders that the Liberal party will rise above the Tory slander and make sure that we offer a better and more prosperous province for each and every one of us,” he said.

Hundreds of Liberal supporters gathered at Montague Regional High School Friday night for the party’s second rally of the 2011 election.

Each candidate marched in to the room with a small group of supporters leading the way and waving signs until the room was packed with people in every available space.

Ghiz was the last to make his entrance and had to wade through the crowd as he walked to the stage, shaking hands along the way.

During his speech, Ghiz said voters are going to send the PC party a message on election day that they’ve had enough of their negativity.

The partisan crowd drowned out the rest of what he was saying and one person yelled “bang on.”

They booed when Ghiz said he has never seen a more negative and divisive campaign.

“They want to drive a wedge between Islanders, to create an atmosphere where one Islander is pitted against another Islander,” he said.

Ghiz didn’t spend his whole speech attacking the Conservatives and turned his focus to the Liberal government as he listed some of the projects it undertook in Kings County, including a new manor in Souris and the school where the Liberals held their rally.

After listing some of the party’s recent campaign announcements, Ghiz turned his attention back to the Conservatives and said his party believes Islanders share common values.

He finished his speech by saying there is going to be a clear choice for voters on Oct. 3.

“The choice is gonna be do you want the Liberal party that unites or the Conservative party that divides?”

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