Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Is "Fracking" Funny...

For some strange reason I got a copy of Martie's latest press release today and I couldn't help feel sorry for her as she's obviously "fracking" losing it if she thinks this silliness has any traction in Covehead or Brackley... Vessey could end up with the largest majority of victory on PEI if she continues the PNP and school closure debate as she "beating a dead horse" and you'd think she'd know a little about that...

September 26, 2011


PC Candidate for District 9, Martie Murphy attended the Liberal announcement for the day in her district at the North Shore Community Centre and expressed disappointment in the Liberal promises on the environment. “All the promises they made have already been announced and it means nothing for the Friends of the Covehead and Brackley Watershed Group, which is in my district.”

Murphy went on to indicate that she was extremely disappointed that the Liberals took no stand on fracking. “We have a fragile water system in this Province and unless we prohibit this practice outright as the Progressive Conservative Party will do there is no way that we can maintain the purity of our water.”

The unusual move by Murphy to attend the Liberal announcement was an effort by Murphy to make sure the Liberals knew that she was there to look after the interests of her district. “I wanted to look Robert Ghiz in the eye so that he knew that he was not going to get away with anything when he comes in to the York-Oyster Bed district.”

Murphy continues to campaign door to door in the district and indicated that she is getting a very positive reception. “People are angry with the arrogance of this government.”
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Martie Murphy, PC Candidate for York-Oyster Bed
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Anonymous said...

I am surprised that a business person like Martie would get on the anti fracking bandwagen. It shows a lack of understanding of what oil and gas exploration is all about.