Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Larry the Leader... and his great "Manifesto" with an eye on "detail"...

Well it is the winter here on PEI and we're stuck between storms so for some pure entertainment you should take a look at the great "Manifesto" that was released by PEI's newest political party "The Island Party of P.E.I." which seems to have more letters in its name than party members...  but seriously this 8 page "Writ" reads like the Chronicles of Riddick and none other than our most famous Larry McGuire of Morell stepping in to the role of Mr. Pork Barrel as the occasional  party leader...  so here's your copy and I'm pretty sure the document itself should speak to how they will do in the next election as they couldn't even spell poor Larry's name right... but who cares about "detail" anyway when you're this close to forming Government....  Ring the bell boys as there's someone at the door in Unit 9 looking for your vote or delivering a pizza....

Island Party issues first communique
Published on January 17th, 2011
Ryan Ross, the Guardian

As the province heads into a fall election, P.E.I.’s newest political party is trying to spread the word about what it stands for.

The Island Party has released what it’s referring to as its first communiqué to explain the party’s political philosophy as organizers try to boost membership numbers and gather support for the upcoming election.

In its communiqué, the party acknowledged some of the hurdles it faces, including the lack of a party leader, and worries that people may not take it seriously, although it didn’t include any specific details about an election platform. Spokesperson Jason McGregor said the Island Party organizers want to take their time as they build to make sure everything is done right.

“Basically, thinking about building a strong party fundamentally, we decided that it’s important to have a base philosophy on which to base our platform,” he said.

The Island Party became official last March with Jay Gallant as the temporary party leader, but when he stepped down, it left a vacancy at the top that has yet to be filled. But despite being leaderless, several party members have been meeting regularly to help develop the party’s policies and build the membership from its current 25 to 35 members.

McGregor said the party may need one firm spokesperson to lead it, but the members haven’t decided on the process to pick a leader and have considered a system similar to the one used in Nunavut, which has no party leaders. “That is still up in the air as well,” he said.

As it heads into the election, the party is hoping to have a candidate run in each of the province’s 27 ridings and the organizers think it is possible, although the party hasn’t started finding candidates yet, he said. “We think it is realistic to have candidates in each district come election time.”

McGregor said a lot of people don’t know about the Island Party or what it stands for, which is why party organizers released the communiqué because people won’t start to take it seriously until they know its philosophy.

“One of our biggest fears is people will dismiss us even when they don’t know anything about us because to dismiss something is to look past something that could be a very good thing, could be another good route and so that just adds into our philosophy.” For the rest of the story see:

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