Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's What Paul MacNeill Said... about our famous "Mitch"...

Second Opinion by Paul MacNeill,
publisher Eastern Graphic
Wed, January 19, 2011

Charlottetown city councillor Mitch Tweel went uncharacteristically silent after a December court proceeding requiring him to stay away from an unidentified female.

The long time councillor agreed to what is known as an 810 recognizance. Islanders don’t know the specifics. We do know that the female lodged a complaint with police on November 10. The issue is serious enough that if Tweel does not abide by the order he could face a criminal charge.

To date the normally chatty councillor has remained absolutely silent. He skipped council’s December meeting. At the January meeting media allowed him to rattle on about a stop sign issue. When they asked for comment on his legal issue he simply turned and walked away.

Sorry Mitch. That is not good enough. Elected officials do not have the right to simply refuse to talk. But if you insist on silence there should be repercussions.

For instance, media should not allow the councillor to comment on any other issue. Why give him a forum when he refuses to discuss an issue that raises questions about his fitness to be on council?

More importantly, Mayor Clifford Lee must not accept his silence.  Why has the mayor not removed Councillor Tweel as chairman of the city’s Human Resources Committee, which is responsible for ensuring a positive work environment for all city employees? Does the mayor believe female city staff has absolute confidence in the committee under Tweel’s leadership and his ability to work effectively on their behalf?

Mayor Clifford Lee needs to stand up for city employees. He needs to stand up for the city’s female employees. He needs to remove Councillor Tweel as chairman of Human Resources.

Silence from the Mayor and Councillor Tweel is not an option

Tweel walks away from questions on stay-away order
The Guardian,
January 11th, 2010

Coun. Mitchell Tweel abruptly walked away from the media Monday night when asked to comment on the stay-away order that was issued against him last month in provincial court.
Tweel didn’t attend December’s public meeting of council so members of the media asked him to comment on the issue Monday night.
In December, Tweel signed an 810 recognizance in which he agreed to have no contact of any kind with an unidentified woman who sought the order.
Police received a complaint on Nov. 10 from the woman and, after investigating the complaint, police turned the matter over to the Crown attorney’s office to review.
Police said the victim feared for her safety.
When Tweel was asked about it Monday night, he abruptly walked away without saying a word.

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Daniel A said...

Motion seconded. I can't believe he didn't have the decency to step down voluntarily, recognizing that his legal situation calls into question his suitability for his position (made more potent by the fact that his position involves HR). If he is not removed, it will reflect poorly on Mayor Lee and, ultimately, the city.