Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"no future entry" stamp....

I'm pretty impressed with Gail Shea and how well she handled this situation but what I'm not impressed with is how our local Guardian splashed their pictures of this incident over the front page and the CBC local news wasn't much better by providing a link to the incident... all the media are doing is giving "play" to other clowns like Miss McCoy who think they can get away with embarrassing our elected officials from doing their job... had the media shown a picture of Miss McCoy being "cuffed" and driven to the "Border" with a big "no future entry" stamp on her passport then I'd have given them some big "kudos" for the balanced reporting... PETA certainly have the right to put their opinions forward but they don't have the right to shove a pie in the face of our elected officials... this particular individual has already been found guilty of trespassing in Canada and once she's found guilty on this charge she should be sent packing... if anyone from Canada pulled something like this in the United States you can bet they wouldn't be allowed back there anytime soon... keep up the great work Gail...
Fisheries minister gets pie in face
Police charge 37-year-old woman with assault
Monday, January 25, 2010
CBC News
Police charged a 37-year-old woman with assault after she hit Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea in the face with a pie Monday at an event in Burlington, Ont.
Shea was delivering a speech at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters to open the Aquatic Life Research Facility when Emily McCoy of New York City stood up in the front row and planted the white cream pie squarely in Shea's face.
"Shame on you, Gail Shea," McKoy said before making a reference to the "bloody seal hunt."
The animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said McKoy was a PETA member and she carried out the incident to protest against what the group calls "the government's ill-advised sanction of the seal slaughter."
PETA also posted a video of the incident with commentary on its website.
Campaign manager Lindsay Rajt told Canwest News Service the group did not organize the incident, but The Canadian Press was reporting the group claimed responsibility.
The pie aimed at Shea was apparently made of tofu, though the fisheries minister told the Hamilton Spectator that it "tasted like shaving cream."
Shea did not require medical attention and returned to the podium after wiping the pie from her face.
"We're certainly sorry for that delay, but unfortunately these types of incidents come with the type of business that I'm in," she said.
"But back to the business at hand," she said.
Pie throwing was a more popular form of political protest in Canada a decade ago, with former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien and then cabinet minister St├ęphane Dion both getting hit in separate incidents.


Anonymous said...

PETA, PEDA, what's the difference? They both stand for CRAZY anyway.

Anonymous said...

If she tried that with a US politician she would have been shot or tazered before coming close to the podium.

Anonymous said...

My question is when is the pie going to become a knife or a gun these people are not rational and security should be more enforced.

Anonymous said...


i couldn't agree with you mpore on the no future entry comment. Just wondering between the time of her Fisheries Council of Canada stunt and this one, where was she? Did she remain in Canada? Did she go home to the U.S.? If so how did she get back in?

i cant understand why more (any?) media outlets reported on or discussed this part of the story.

Send her packing, with that no future entry stamp.

keep up the good work