Sunday, January 3, 2010

100% in Agreement.... "Open" for Business...

What could be possibly wrong with letting businesses choose when they can or cannot open for business... the world didn't end last summer and fall when the retail stores were allow to open on Sundays and I'm pretty sure the extra manpower required to keep them open was certainly appreciated by those who needed it.... I often get asked when retailers like Costco and others might show up on PEI and my guess is not until some of our protocol "rules" restricting them from being able to run their business without the Government's nose always being in it... it's time to "Open" PEI up for business....
Sunday shopping a retailer decision
As a former Islander (and father of two children born on P.E.I.), I'm appalled that the issue of Sunday shopping continues to waste the time and energy of the province. Since P.E.I. promotes itself as business-friendly, it's shocking that it continues to tell one segment of that business community when it can and cannot conduct its affairs. Hardly the message the province wants to promote. The easy and obvious solution, and one adopted by most provinces, is to let the retailer and the consumer decide when stores open or close. There's no need to dictate hours of operation. Surely it's time to close debate and let retailers make their own business decisions. Deal with more important issues, Mr. Ghiz.
John Nowlan,

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