Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roundabout "Test Drive"....

Here's another reason why the City should step away from "test driving" a new roundabout at the "action corner"... this local business is now facing some serious survival issues particularly with the impending franchise loss and now is not the time to throw another obstacle at them that could potentially damage business by obstructing customers to their sales lot.... they probably won't have much of a chance at winning a law suit against their franchisor GM who is trying to reorganize but they may “up the go away settlement" enough to help them get their local operation back on its feet selling some other brand or more used product... let's all remember that this local business Island Chevrolet-Cadillac (in one form or another) has been operating at this intersection since the late 60's and over these years has employed a lot of people, paid considerable payroll and property taxes, and given a lot back to our Community... now that they are in a fight for their business survival the City should reconsider Island Chevrolet's concerns about the impact of the roundabout during this critical time and put the project on hold... maybe the City should step back and "test drive" a few vehicles from the dealership as opposed to test driving an overpriced intersection...
Island Chevrolet-Cadillac in Charlottetown to sue GM
The Guardian
A group of Canadian General Motors dealerships, including Island Chevrolet-Cadillac in Charlottetown, is suing the auto giant for millions in damages for alleged contract breaches and is seeking a court injunction to stop GM from terminating their franchises.
The 12 dealerships named in the suit are among the 240 to 250 stores GM Canada plans to close within the next year.
GM plans to eliminate more than one-third of its Canadian dealerships by October 2010 in an attempt to cut costs and streamline its business. The P.E.I. dealer is scheduled to close in 2010.
Eleven long-time southern Ontario dealers and one from Prince Edward Island filed a statement of claim in Ontario court on Thursday alleging that GM ended their franchise agreements in a "highhanded, oppressive and patently unfair' manner. They allege GM breached a contract that the company promised to renew as long as the dealerships met certain performance expectations.
The dealers say they want a permanent injunction to prohibit GM from ending their agreements and a declaration entitling them to remain open for at least another five years.
The claim says that unless the court rules in favour of an injunction and renewal of the agreements, the dealers "shall be destroyed.'
The claim is also seeking unspecified compensatory damages for loss of profit, goodwill, reputation, market share and business opportunities because of the alleged breaches, plus $1.5 million in punitive damages for each dealer.

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