Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Red Tape... is not the solution..

Unfortunately most of the people who show up at IRAC to stop development have frivolous complaints in the first place and now it appears Government want to spend more tax dollars to pay for a "public intervener" to help these interveners find more ways to slow down the process... seems like more "red" tape to me and it's quite obvious that members of the Legislative Committee has never appeared before IRAC themselves otherwise they would be looking for some real solutions to cut "red tape".... back a few years ago when the Ghiz promised new jobs for Islanders I thought they were referring to real productive ones but it doesn't appear to be the case...
Islanders need advocates for IRAC: committee
Thursday, November 26, 2009
CBC News
A P.E.I. legislature committee is suggesting people need legal help when appearing before the Island's regulatory agency in opposition to large corporations.
The committee on community affairs and economic development was looking at how the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission oversees energy costs and rent increases. Several recommendations came out of the discussions. Committee chair Robbie Henderson, MLA for O'Leary-Inverness, said one recommendation is the hiring of someone to provide advice to Islanders dealing with IRAC.
"In a number of cases when issues had come to IRAC by general citizens, they were up against large corporate lawyers on the other side," said Henderson.
"They may have difficulty in advocating for themselves, so we felt by providing some funding for a public intervener to represent people or to at least advise people when they take on larger corporations, it would just make the playing field a little more level."
Another recommendation is to have unscheduled fuel price-adjustments eliminated. Currently IRAC reviews petroleum product prices, such as heating oil and gasoline, twice a month, but is free to make a price adjustment at any time.
The committee can only recommend changes, and any actual changes would have to go through the legislature first.

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