Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mike Currie To Step Down... don't think so...

I'm sure the current member from Georgetown - St. Peters is as surprised as I am at this recent development... most potential party leaders need to put forward the perception of being able to win a safe seat before any delegates would take them seriously... and I wouldn't want to be the guy trying to wrestle this one away from Mr. Currie without his co-operation as I think Mike has some unfinished business in the House... maybe Mr. Llewelleyn knows something the rest of us don't as I can't even imagine how he would expect to make a serious run at the Tory leadership from Georgetown without some "deal" done with Mr. Currie to step down.... and I don't see that anytime soon.... I wonder why the media didn't ask Mr. Llewelleyn the obvious question of where he was expecting to run....
Llewellyn to run for P.E.I. PC leadership
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
CBC News
The former mayor of Georgetown is making a bid to lead the Progressive Conservative Party of P.E.I.
Peter Llewelleyn says he's received a lot of encouragement to run for the top Tory job at the party's leadership convention next fall and that he has a lot to offer the party.
"I've been a volunteer all my life, and I've been involved in business and trying to make the areas where I live a little better … and it's tough going trying to push these balls uphill," said Llewellyn.
"I think I bring a lot to it, and I think … I'd like to try kicking some of these balls downhill and get some things done. I think it's just time, and I believe that the Island is ready for, maybe, a politician like myself."
Llewellyn said he would make an excellent contrast to Premier Robert Ghiz.

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