Friday, October 28, 2011

"Hamburger".... HELP

I'm the first guy who wants to see it done here but "Holy Cow" that's $2,500,000.00 a year it's costing us Islanders (and I suspect even more) and when you're competing against the big guys you really need a "niche" value added product which was what this plant originally started out to try and achieve but OMG they’re now making "hamburger"... Maple Leaf and many other companies like them couldn't make it work here and I'm afraid there's not a snowball's chance in hell that anyone could ever make money at this small of a scale in the meat processing business... the world didn't end when the PEI pork plant was shut down and the world won't end here if this plant suffers the same fate... but if Government continues on trying to be a “business enterprise” then we may as well throw this money out the window as there might be a better chance of more Islanders getting some of it back as it blows in the wind... I know this doesn’t sound good but there really must be better ways for Government to “support” jobs than having $25,000,000.00 tied up in the plant and equipment (now not worth anything) and throwing taxpayer's money away month after month...

Province continues aid to struggling beef plant
CBC News Oct 28, 2011

P.E.I.'s agriculture minister says his government is still committed to keeping the Atlantic Beef Products plant financially afloat.

George Webster said the plant was a doing a little better a few months ago, but is now on a downward slide again.

Management at the facility admit the plant is losing an average of about $200,000 a month. That has fueled speculation about its future.

"There is losses there. There have been losses there. And we're trying to minimize those losses and go forward," said Webster.

"The premier did say … we are going to maintain and sustain the beef plant. You know, we're going forward with it and we've made that commitment. We've trimmed a lot of things and we have a hamburger line in there now and we're trying to find ways for that plant to sustain itself."

But Webster said government isn't planning to walk away and he's hopeful the situation will turn around as new markets are developed

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