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July 25, 2011



– Martie Murphy, business woman and community- minded
advocate has announced her intention to seek the Progressive Conservative Party
nomination in District 9, York – Oyster Bed.

Martie lives in Stanhope with her husband Danny and their six children. Martie,
Danny and their family have had the pleasure of working with so many
organizations and amazing volunteers. “When good people have the opportunity to
come together, good things always happen”, says Martie.

“As a mother and wife, a business leader and a committed community volunteer, I
believe this province is the best place to raise a family, and it’s the best province in
which to live, work and play. Our people are the Island’s greatest resource. We
must work hard to ensure all people are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.
I believe the residents of District # 9 need and deserve someone who will work
hard to make our district and our Island the very best it can be”, says Murphy.

Martie believes Islanders deserve better. The people of York-Oyster Bed deserve
to have an MLA and government that gives all Islanders a voice, a chance to
participate, and a government that makes decisions that are in the best interest of
all. “In four short years our current government has increased our provincial debt
to a point of bankrupting our future. “We simply cannot afford this irresponsible
spending and lack of fiscal management. Proper fiscal management can only be
achieved if elected officials understand the people, their needs and the needs of the
communities that they represent. This current administration has failed to deliver
on that”, says Murphy.

Martie believes promises are commitments that need to be honoured. “Islanders
deserve a government that is transparent, fair, and can be trusted. I am invigorated
by the generosity and good will of Islanders. As part of the Progressive
Conservative team, I want to work hard to ensure that Islanders are repaid for that
generosity by having access to quality health care, that they may continue to learn,
grow and achieve well in our education system, and that we can work together to
build vibrant communities across our Island. We can do better and we will do

“Our communities have been the landscape of our economy and we must do more
to support each and every community to create greater success and vibrancy. We
need a government that is implements policies that are sustainable for Islanders.”
Martie knows the struggles rural PEI has and continues to have with uncertainty in
the farming and fishing industries. She has seen PEI’s greatest natural resource,
young Islanders, emigrating to other Canadian provinces to find employment.
Martie will be part of a forward-thinking Progressive Conservative government
that will develop policies ensuring PEI attracts industry to set up and stay, provide
jobs and revitalize rural PEI.

Martie is truly excited to put her name forward as a candidate for the Progressive
Conservative Party. “I am eager to talk with the people of District # 9 York-Oyster
Bed, to hear their concerns and their vision for our Province.”

For additional information contact:

Martie Murphy
Phone: (902) 629-5125

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