Monday, May 2, 2011

Here's My Prediction.... for what it's worth!

OK...  I'm back on PEI in time to vote (cold here) and I'm going to call it a “Harper Majority” but I'm saying that all the ridings on PEI will remain "unchanged"...  although the Tories have good candidates in Cardigan and Malpeque both Lawrence and Wayne have done great constituency work and I don't think Islanders will toss them out for "no reason"...  Sean Casey has the upper hand over Donna Bush as Shawn Murphy left a strong riding organization that is working hard for Sean and Donna is not that well known...  the "blue majority tide" will certainly put pressure on the three existing Liberal seats but I'm saying they'll stay "red"...  that’s how I see it.  The question is have I been away to long and lost touch?

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