Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Make no mistake".... there's more to this story!

I was reading with interest Charles Reid's article in the Guardian today about no QMJHL teams filing to have their franchises moved when I happened along this… "Island businessman Tim Banks (and Banks' boast of a $1.5-million guaranteed gate at Credit Union Place in Summerside)"… and I quickly thought where did they get the "twerp" that's writing this... so I checked the record and I said "I'm hearing" this, which is exactly what I was "hearing" and I certainly wasn't going around "boasting" it... further in the article Mr. Reid states that "But Summerside officials have said no deal with Lewiston is on the table."  and Mr. Reid, if you're relying on a forthright statement from Summerside officials then have I got a concert deal for you... I even called the Guardian looking for Mr. Reid but no one seemed to know him?

Some people may have questioned why I waded into a hockey issue but to me it's a much bigger issue as a Summerside taxpayer... Credit Union Place is bleeding like a stuffed pig because it was "overbuilt" and now we're paying for it... and I was hearing from solid sources that there was a move afoot to develop a "scheme" to get a "major" team in the building and I'm pretty sure Gillis Courteau and Billy Schurman weren't in the City to watch the Lobster Carnival parade. I was concerned that the City might be entering into another scheme without the full knowledge of it's taxpayers... the Rocket in the City of Charlottetown, with over twice the drawing capacity, can only average about 2,000 fans a game and even at that, I understand both the City and the Province have to chip in and they’re still losing... so how can one conclude that there's room for two teams here without "more bleeding" put on our taxpayers... Ask Basil or S'Side's management and they'll make no bones about wanting a major junior team... but at what cost?

And make no mistake about it… if the "Concert Fiasco" hadn't broke recently in the news then I wonder if there would have been an application in front of the QMJHL and my guess is "Yes"… and you can quote me on that, but don't say I'm boasting… just say I’ve been around long enough to know that someone should be watching what’s going on in Summerside! 

No QMJHL teams file before relocation deadline

Published on Febuary 1st, 2011
Charles Reid
The Guardian

Well, it looks like all the speculation around some Quebec Major Junior hockey League teams moving to new places for next season may be just that — speculation.

The deadline for teams to apply to the league requesting permission to move relocate came and went, and, said a league spokesman on Monday, the QMJHL wasn’t expecting paperwork from any of its 18 teams.

“We have not received any requests and do not anticipate receiving any,” said Karl Janhke, who spoke for the league. “Deadline was 11:59 p.m. (Monday). We’ll be sending out a release (this) morning.”

It all stems from an assertion from Charlottetown mayor Clifford Lee and Island businessman Tim Banks (and Banks’ boast of a $1.5-million guaranteed gate at Credit Union Place in Summerside) the floundering Lewiston Maineiacs had signed a deal to relocate to Summerside next season.

Lewiston, which moved to Maine in 2003 from Sherbrooke, Que., has suffered from low attendance since landing there — even during its run to the Memorial Cup in 2007.

But Summerside officials have said no deal with Lewiston is on the table.

The move, if true, would put the Maineiacs in direct competition with the P.E.I. Rocket, which moved to Charlottetown in 2003 from Montreal. Serge Savard Jr., Rocket president and governor, has said two QMJHL teams couldn’t survive on P.E.I.

Adding to the talk is the league has an open market in Sherbrooke, Que., and a group headed by former NHL goalie Jocelyn Thibeau is interested in buying a QMJHL franchise and perhaps moving it to Quebec.

Also, QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau visited Summerside in December and Bill Schurman, a management consultant with Lewiston and a former Moncton Wildcats general manager, is a Summerside native.

P.E.I., Lewiston and the struggling Acadie-Bathurst Titan have all been mentioned as candidates for sale as those squads are suffering from half-filled buildings for most home games.

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Memphis said...

I guess even Tim Banks himself likes to spread a good rumor :)