Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny CBC Headline....

This headline "Storm keeps thousands from festival" kind of strikes me funny that this so called "storm" (Earl) kept people away from the festival... I think the headline "CBC keeps thousands from festival" would be a better way of putting it as the folks at CBC Radio had most Islanders scared to come out of their bunkers over the weekend.... surely the next time they could tame it down a bit for the older crowd as their coverage was a little overdone....
Storm keeps thousands from festival
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
CBC News
Only about 100 people attended the Acadian Festival in P.E.I.'s Abram-Village Saturday, as people battened down the hatches for Tropical Storm Earl.
The festival normally attracts thousands, president Jeanette Blacquiere told CBC News.
"Some of our campers left early because probably they wanted to be home at a time like that," said Blacquiere.
"Of course people who come from outside the area didn't show up either, so we had very little attendance on Saturday."
Crowds were much better on Friday and Sunday, she said, and final numbers will be tallied in the next few days.

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