Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slow News Week...

I'm not saying that this is what happened... but there was some talk around the market today that just maybe a snowmobiler hit this fox and then he and a few others may have circled around to see what happened. They may have found a half dead fox so decided to put it out of its misery by running over it again. If this was the case we'll probably never know as I doubt with the publicity over this incident its highly unlikely anyone will come forward.... everyone at the table seemed to have a different option or version of what may have happened but most agreed that it seemed pretty strange that a snowmobile could corner a fox in the middle of an open field.... the media sure milked this one as it happened about a week ago and when I flipped on CBC Charlottetown Radio on Friday afternoon at 5:30 pm on my way back from Halifax it was still the lead story... there wasn't anything about the Georgian luge athletes unfortunate accident which seemed a little more news worthy to me... and I didn't see the fox's obituary in today’s Guardian so maybe there's more to come on Monday....
Fox may have been run over: veterinarians
Saturday, February 13, 2010
CBC News
The injuries to a fox found dead in Charlottetown last weekend are consistent with the animal being run over, according to a necropsy performed at the Atlantic Veterinary College.
Police believe the fox may have been run down and killed by snowmobilers.
The fox's body was found with snowmobile tracks around it, in a field near Hurry Road on Feb. 6th.
Veterinarians concluded the animal suffered a fractured skull, multiple fractured ribs, extensive internal hemorrhaging and a broken pelvis.
Police are continuing to investigate and have said if they determine the fox was killed intentionally and they find the people involved, they could lay animal cruelty charges.
The P.E.I. Snowmobile Association, meanwhile, has asked members to come forward with any information. The group is offering a $500 reward.


Anonymous said...

Tim..without a doubt this has to be the most ignornat uninformed post I have ever had the misfortune of reading on your blog.

Obviously you level of concern for helpless harmless animals does not exist.

Respect is something I once had for you but after reading this post I have lost any respect I have ever had for you.

Obviously what people say about you is true.

You care about no one or anything but YOURSELF.

Tim Banks said...

think what you want but you're dead wrong on my appreciation for wildlife and if you don't believe me just ask the fat fox who sits on my deck most evenings eating almonds while I puff away on a cigar... and you should also have a look at this

Anonymous said...

I personally tend to think better of people so choose to believe that the fox was run over by accident and wonder why so many people choose to think the worst of people. The people thinking the worst must be the glass half-full people.....

Anonymous said...

Tim..I agree totally with you when you say that we will never know what actually happened to this fox because all the publicity will prevent those involved from coming forward. My faith in humanity makes me want to believe that this was an unfortunate accident. Like you, I am surprised at the amount press this story received. The surprise coming, of course, from the fact that nobody knows for sure what happened.Yet the media has portrayed the whole thing as an issue of animal abuse. If it was,in fact, a bunch of morons getting their jollies by torturing a helpless animal then that is possibly one of the most disappointing things I've ever heard. Deep down inside though I truly hope this was an accident. Either way I hope the creature suffered as little as possible. If in fact this was an act of torture I offer the following quote ""To inflict cruelties on defenceless creatures, or condone such acts, is to abuse one of the cardinal tenets of a civilised society - reverence for life." - Dr. Jon Evans." thanks for listening Tim...Love the blog...Geoff

Anonymous said...

news andTim...
I would say now for sure you obviously have No Idea what is news and what is not news.

Seems like the fox story has generated interest in not just PEI but all over Canada.

I would say you should go back to doing whatever it is you do and stay out of the news business because obviously you have no idea of what is enws and what is not news.