Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too Bad.... for Tourism Charlottetown...

My guess is Lee Gauthier unfortunately got caught up in the "swinging door" of revolving staff when Kim Green had left the organization... and I hear some of them were "after the fact" badmouthing some of Lee's decisions which is very unfortunate as he may not have had time to implement a proper staffing structure... couple this with the "hands tied" restrictions the City had put on the Festival of Lights and there were sure to be problems and I suspect why Kim Green left in the first place... Lee's a great guy who fell into "a can of worms" but I expect he'll soon land back on his feet... in the meantime the former Chair John Cudmore will... to quote a director "interim manage the affairs" until a full search for a new permanent CEO can be found and my recommendation is someone from outside the organization is needed.....
Tourism Charlottetown CEO resigns
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
CBC News
Lee Gauthier has resigned as CEO of Tourism Charlottetown, effective immediately.Lee Gauthier is said to be pursuing other interests. (CBC)
The announcement was made Tuesday by the organization's board of directors. Gauthier had only been in the position since January.
In a news release, Tourism Charlottetown said Gauthier wanted to pursue other interests.
Gauthier guided Tourism Charlottetown through two major events, the Jack Frost festival in February and the Festival of Lights around Canada Day. While Jack Frost saw its impressive growth continue, ticket sales at the Festival of Lights were disappointing.
John Cudmore of Cudmore Hospitality Consulting has been hired to serve as interim CEO. Tourism Charlottetown will begin its search for a new full-time CEO immediately.

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