Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Wouldn't Need Weight Restrictions On Our Roads

Bikes get fix up as gas prices rise
Last Updated: Monday, April 28, 2008
CBC News
Charlottetown bike shop owners say they are doing well because of the rising price of gasoline, as people are looking for alternative ways to get around.
Gordon MacQueen of MacQueen's Bike Shop told CBC News Monday he's selling more new bikes, repairing more old ones, and upgrading older bikes as well.
"Our business in electrical conversion kits is very strong," said MacQueen.
"People who are kind of hedging their bets a little bit, and want to maybe not get a second car but don't feel like they want to become an Olympic athlete, they'll convert their bike to an electric bike."
Jared Stretch, owner of Smooth Cycle, has also noticed an increase in business.
"What we're definitely noticing is people coming in and getting their old bikes tuned up and repaired," said Stretch.
"They are telling us they want to get out on the road; they want to be able to make the hike to work."
Stretch has also noticed an increase in new bikes sales and attributes the improvement in both aspects of his business to higher gas prices, as well as increasing environmental awareness.

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